Sustainable & vegan…

Sustainable & vegan

Dental care

Beside histamine intolerance vegetarianism respectively veganism and sustainability are important topics to me on the blog.

Especially concerning teeth I have posted quite a bit on the blog already, e.g. this recipe for DIY toothpaste without sorbitol and without fluoride. And also today I would like to write something about dental care.

About every 8 weeks or so I’ll swop my toothbrush for a new one. That means, in only one year, only because of me there will be 6 toothbrushes in the trash bin and subsequently in the world’s oceans and plastic is, as we all know, not biodegradable. Sooner or later it will corrode into ever smaller bits, but these plastic bitsies (not only from toothbrushes, of course) will be introduced to our food chain. Fish and other animals may take in parts of it with their food. They become sick. Such contaminated animals might also end up on our plate one way or the other, besides, this trash also pollutes our (drinking) water, beaches and threatens coral reefs, etc. The reduction of plastic waste is something that concerns us all.


plastic vs. bamboo (the brushes are yellow because there is curcuma in my toothpaste making the brush yellow, but the teeth white)

Therefore I already stop using feminine hygiene disposables. That there are already sustainable toothbrushes made of wood available I only learned quite recently. This is an easy way to reduce a little more plastic waste.



The toothbrush I use now is made of bamboo and needs much less plastics than a regular toothbrush in comparison. The toothbrush leaves you with a little “wood-like” taste after using or as I say “forest taste”. The cleaning ability is the same. After usage one should store the toothbrush in a dry place (meaning, not in the shower or so) and then this brush has about the same life span as a regular toothbrush. After 6 to 8 weeks it should be replaced by a new one.


In cooperation with the Austrian shop BioVeganVersand I’m giving away a family set (1 soft, 1 medium for adults and 1 for children) of Ecobamboo toothbrushes on my German speaking blog for Austrian and German readers until Christmas (12/24/2014).

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