Do it yourself…

rice milk


preparation time:

ca. 30 minutes



ingredients for about 1 l:


3/4 cup of rice

2 cups of water for cooking the rice

4-5 cups of water for the milk

pinch of salt

spices you like and that you can tolerate, e.g. cardamom or cinnamon

(sugar if you like)



Cook the rice 1:2 with water and a pinch of salt ( for about 20-25 minutes). Mix the cooked rice with the rest of the water (4-5 cups) and blend it real good. If you want it to be even more accurate and less cakey strain the milk through a sieve. Or you can just wait until it sets and just drink the “upper part”.

Rice milk is a great vegan beverage and also works fine for cooking and baking.

(Found similarly on the verkocht!-Blog)


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