What to put into your muesli bowl…


What about muesli, cornflakes and cereals…?



Most mueslis you can buy contain ingredients that might be problematic with histamine intolerance, e.g. raisins or other dried fruits, nuts and aroma. Sometimes people also react to flax seeds although it is actually rather low in histamine. Please watch out for those ingredients when purchasing your muesli.

It is quite simple to just mix your own muesli. Single ingredients like oatmeal/oat flakes, spelt or millet flakes are sold in health food shops. One can then add fresh fruits that one tolerates, e.g. blueberries or apple. You can add sugar if you like. A small amount of chocolate chips might be OK for you.

If you prefer your muesli with yoghurt instead of milk maple syrup or honey can be added instead of sugar.

Cornflakes & more

Cornflakes and other cereals often contain malt extract which is high in histamine. Even if they are called CORNflakes they often also contain wheat which is often not tolerated. Cereals are often artificially enriched with vitamins. Artificially added folacin, vitamin b2 (riboflavin, E 101) and maybe also vitamin b3 (niacin) are often not tolerated well. Watch out for additional aroma. Please check the list of ingredients carefully before purchasing muesli. Some health food shops might offer cereals without the (artificial) ingredients listed above.

I hope I could be of some assistance for your choice of muesli respectively cereals.

If you have any questions or input for me please don’t hesitate to contact me via histaminarm[at]vollbio.de. Below there is space for your comments, too.


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