Perfect on days like this one…

The thermometer shows more than 30 °C already. It’s ice cream season again. Therefore we made ice cream pancakes here. I’ve gathered some info on ice cream here.


Ice cream & pancakes


preparation time:

ca. 30 minutes



ingredients for 1-2 people:

basic recipe:

Here you can find the basic recipe for pancakes.



Make pancakes as describe in the basic recipe. Fill one with a scoop of ice cream, roll it. Serve on a plate with ice cream on the side.





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Chillin’ on hot days…


What about ice cream?

Summer is coming up and it will be hot again. Ice cream is perfect for chillin’ on these days, isn’t it? But can you all types of ice cream and all flavours unhesitatingly?



In general both dairy ice cream and water ice can be enjoyed. Yet, the thickener in dairy ice cream, which often is made from soy, can lead to reactions. So again, read the ingredients listed.

If you can make ice cream yourself (e.g. with an ice cream maker) then please do so. This way you will have full control over the ingredients put in and you might waive thickeners you cannot tolerate. Moreover, you can put fruit juices (low in histamine) with a spoon in the freezer. Also your favourite yoghurt can become a self-made ice lolly the same way.

Your ice cream parlour of trust can also provide you with ice cream. I would like to stress the of trust part here, because sometimes the ice cream spends way too much time in the display and that will raise the histamine concentration. Hands off old ice cream. The staff of your ice cream parlour of trust will provide you with information about the ingredients and thickeners used.

Sometimes people not only suffer from histamine intolerance, but also lactose intolerance or other intolerances. In case of a lactose intolerance please do not eat dairy ice cream. Vegetarian ice cream might be an alternative for you (without soy milk!).

Water ice sometimes is better tolerated than dairy ice cream. You can easily make it yourself, either from fresh fruits you juice yourself or from produced juices. Possible problems with water ice, if you buy it, can be additives and aroma.




When choosing your flavour please avoid flavours where you know they are made from stuff that will act as a trigger or block DAO or HNMT function. Also flavours generally high in histamine are to be avoided. The following shows you some flavours that might cause you problems:

  • nougat, nuts, cocoa, dark chocolate (block the breaking down of histamine)
  • tiramisu (contains alcohol and cocoa)
  • avoid flavours not made from natural food (aroma!!)
  • mango, strawberry, lemon
  • Coca Cola or other lemonades

Maybe my food list can help you choose a flavour. You can find it here.

Now some flavours that are usually tolerated:

  • vanilla
  • stracciatella (sometimes can still cause problems due to the cocoa in it)
  • blueberry, melon, apple
  • milk chocolate (blocks DAO but not as bad as dark chocolate, cocoa or nougat)
  • white chocolate

Have fun chillin’ in the sun!

If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment or email me at histaminarm[at]


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