And a cherry on top…

Blog birthday – celebrating 1 year (German blog)

Kathy came to my “birthday party” (a recipe contest I started for the German blog) and she came up with this great cupcake recipe.


Cherry semolina cupcakes


preparation time:

ca. 10 minutes + ca. 20 minutes in the oven




140415 (2)




125g melted butter
225 g sugar
2 eggs
110g semolina
250g flour
1 tsp. baking powder
125ml milk
cherries (from a jar)

for the topping:

225g cream cheese
110g melted butter
225g powdered sugar
the rest of the cherries



Mix butter with sugar, then add one egg at a time.

Add semolina, flour and milk to the mixture to finish the dough. Prepare the muffin tray. Pour in the dough until the muffin forms are half-full. Add a cherry as “surprise” to each muffin. Now fill up the muffin forms, but not completely – about 2/3 of each form should be filled with dough.

Bake at 180°C for 15 to 20 minutes. By sticking in a knife carefully you can test if the cupcakes are already done.

Mix all ingredients for the topping. Garnish the cupcakes with the topping by using a pastry tube. Place a cherry on top. Enjoy.


140415 (1)


(Kathy’s recipe for the blog’s birthday)


Enjoy & thank you, Kathy!