Hidden gluten + recipe…

Hidden Gluten

Actually gluten free eating is not that hard, when it comes to the shopping list, because gluten is only a thing of grains. So, just omit “regular”, meaning, bread containing gluten, and pasta, and cookies, and so on.

I will provide a list of gluten free flours (with notes to histamine) in a separate post to come.

All the mentioned grain products can be made rather easily yourself – gluten free. Or you’ll buy ready pasta, etc. that is marked gluten free. Yet, the latter for “double-sufferers” with also histamine intolerance, not only gluten intolerance, is not an option usually.

Soon one will discover that it is not just that easy with gluten, because just omitting regular grain products will not do. Why is that?

Many processed foods, that actually don’t look like containing grains, contain gluten. Some veggies from the freezer have gluten added, sauces, ketchup and also cream cheese varieties (especially with herbs added), seasoning/broth powder/packet soup, baking powder, ice cream and even fries and crisps contain gluten at a time. Gluten is added as a thickener or to get a nice crust – so fries have regular (wheat) flour added. But also sausages and even cosmetics like lipstick or lip balm and toothpaste can contain gluten [be aware of terms like Triticum (wheat, e.g. Triticum aestivum, Triticum vulgare), Hordeum (barley) or Avena (oat)]. The vegan meat substitute seitan is made from gluten.

So, this is where it becomes confusing already.

Since 2005 producers have to mark gluten in products (that is where I’m living in Europe). Yet, this declaration policy does not apply to everything, especially the conversion into sugar from wheat starch and alike sugars don’t have to be declared/marked. Sometimes producers will disclose the root raw food containing gluten, others will not.

To be sure watch out for this symbol marking gluten free products.


gluten free synbol

Yet, not every producer will acquire the license for this seal/symbol.

So, for the time being it is like with histamine intolerance, you’ll have to read the mouseprint and it gets easier the lesser processed foods you’ll buy. Do more stuff yourself.

Speaking of making stuff yourself, here is an easy recipe to make guacamole yourself (vegan,  gluten free, lactose free), since it contains lemon juice and avocado I’ll mark it as not low in histamine.

*** NOT low in histamine ***


preparation time:

ca. 10 minutes



ingredients for 1 bowl:

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 finely chopped clove of garlic
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice
  • spices, e.g. curcuma, cumin
  • salt & pepper



Peel avocado and cut off the flesh, put in a bowl. Mash the avocado flesh with a fork or alike, add garic, spices and lemon juice and mix. Add salt & pepper to taste.


It’s sometimes a bit of luck to find the right/ripe avocado. Tip: ripe avocados are darker, almost a little brownish and soft already. If you pick off the little tip on the top, it should be green under it still, not brown yet. So it’s not too ripe either.

See here.

If you fetched an avocado that is not ripe yet, meaning, still being still to hard, then you can also cut it into slices and eat on a bread. As of yet it happened to me once that I fetched one like that.

The lemon juice is by the way not only for taste, it also keeps the guacamole from becoming brown. The same works with apple slices as well. A little lemon juice will keep them from browning too fast.


(c) The Histamine Pirate

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