Movie star…

Today I’ve a recipe from a movie for you. It’s simple, but awesome like most great things actually are. Especially in the cold season I like to come home to a hot chocolate.

In “Chocolat” everything is – you guessed right – about chocolate.


I know that some people have problems with chocolate. Yet, chocolate actually does not contain much histamine, but other biogenic amines like theobromine for exmaple (which can be lethal for cats in small amounts by the way) and therefore it is branded as a trigger or histamine liberator. Emulsifying agents like SOY lecithin are another problem šŸ˜‰ Together with today’s recipe I will also let you know what my favourite chocolate brand is that manages without soy lecithin. I use this one when I don’t feel like making my own chocolate or when I just don’t have the time to do so. This post is not sponsored and I actually don’t intend to advertise here for products, yet, people are often curious what “histamine friendly” alternatives there might be. It took me some time to find a chocolate brand (without soy lecithin) that works.

Generally with chocolate and histamine the rule of the thumb applies that the lighter the better. Homemade, without soy, is always an option if you don’t want to miss out on chocolate.

This recipe comes in two versions, the original movie recipe and a histamine friendly alternative.


Hot dark chocolate with chili pepper and hot white chocolate (as histamine friendly alternative)


That’s what the original looks like


And this is how it’s enjoyed


preparation time:

ca. 5-10 minutes



ingredients for 2 cups (1 light, 1 dark):

2 1/2 pieces of white vanilla chocolate (Vivani) and 5 pieces of milk chocolate (Vivani, the bar is divided differently than the white one)

a little (about a tbsp.) whipped cream (self-made) – optional

ca. 300-400 ml milk

a pinch of chili pepper for the dark one

(a pinch of cinnamon) – optional



Warm up milk on low fire in a pot, don’t bring it to boil though. Throw in the chocolate and slowly let it melt. Stir throughout the whole melting process, a little wire whip works great for that.

Meanwhile prepare the whipped cream with a little bit of homemade vanilla sugar.

When all the chocolate is melted, remove the pot from the stove and pour in the cups.

Add a pinch of chili pepper and stir carefully. Set a heaped tablespoon of whipped cream on top of every cup or push the whipped cream through an icing bag – that’s even prettier.

If you feel like watching a scene from the movie now where this chocolate appears, there you go. Armance drinks Vianne’s chocolate here for the first time and she is delighted in her own way about it šŸ™‚


If you like to enjoy a histamine friendly hot white chocolate then go for white chocolate instead and omit the chili pepper. Use vanilla instead. Here we also went for both versions.



(c) The Histamine Pirate

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