Green, green, green…

Pesto is a great side dish for pasta – easy cooking style. Unfortunately most kinds of pesto you can buy often cause problems with HIT. Once reason might be the pine nuts (which are no nuts though) that are usually in pesto. More problematic are of course parmesan cheese or other nuts and seeds. Traditionally green pesto (genovese) is made from basil leaves. If you are up for a little more bitter version, you also might want to try rucola/rocket pesto. Instead of adding parmesan cheese to the pesto, try adding feta to the pasta later. Instead of nuts we used pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds. If you don’t like rucola, you can of course go the traditional way and use basil leaves instead.

Another pesto variety can be found here.


Rucola pesto


preparation time:

ca. 5 minutes



ingredients for 3-4 people:


ca. 300g rucola
a handful of seeds (e.g. hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds)
ca. 6 tbsp. hemp oil
ca. 2 tbsp. black seed oil
pinch of salt, pepper and oregano




Clean the rucola. Use a salad spinner to dry the leaves.


Add some oil (I used blackseed and hemp oil). Blend it. Add seeds you like (I used hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds) and add to the rucola mix.


Blend it again. This time it does not have to be so fine, because you still want hard bits and pieces of the seeds.

Serve freshly to pasta.




If you like you can of course add other spices/herbs.

If basil leaves are too “vapid” for you taste-wise and rucola is too “hot”, then why not mix them both for a medium hot version?




(c) The Histamine Pirate


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