What about chocolate…?


What about chocolate…?


About chocolate

Especially people suffering from migraines often cannot tolerate chocolate. Although chocolate actually is quite low in histamine it contains two other biogenic amines, namely tyramine and phenylethylamine, both present in cocoa. Biogenic amines are histamine triggers. In high dozes biogenic amines are toxic to all humans.

In general, chocolate with high cocoa content will lead to reactions more likely. Avoid therefore dark and bitter chocolate. Milk chocolate is often better tolerated.

Moreover, white chocolate usually is better tolerated. To produce white chocolate the cocoa mass is deprived its cocoa powder. Only the cocoa butter is being used. Milk constituents and sugar is usually added then. White chocolate contains less biogenic amines, as only the cocoa butter is used.

Apart from biogenic amines often the thickeners cause problems. Usually soy lecithin is being used as thickener in (white, dark and milk) chcolate. Soy usually is not tolerated well with histamine intolerance. Some specialised food stores may offer chocolate that is not based on soy thickener.

Chocolate that is not tolerated due to additional ingredients

Filled chocolates often contain alcohol and therefore may cause problems.

Also avoid chocolate containing nuts.

Many sweets contain chocolate or cocoa, but also other ingredients that may cause you problems. For instance tiramisu contains alcohol, nougat contains nuts and marzipan is made from almonds that not everybody can tolerate. So watch out for these additional ingredients.

I hope I could help those of you who sometimes have a chocolate craving still. Maybe you can find a way not to omit chocolate from your diet altogether.

Below there is room for your comments. For feedback please feel free to e-mail me at histaminarm[at]vollbio.de.


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2 thoughts on “What about chocolate…?

  1. Interesting point about dark chocolate. I wonder, have you looked at carob powder? It is recommended as an alternative to cacao powder.


    • Yes, I’ve heard about carob. Yet, we both don’t like the taste. Anyway chocolate here is only a problem when eaten in rather high amounts. Sometimes milk chocolate is all fine (has to be soy free though), white chocolate works fine and we prefer the taste.


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